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“Invest in your personal and professional development. All superstars do.”

Robin Sharma

Investing in professional development and soft skills coaching will further enhance your personal brand and set you apart from your peers. Some of the benefits of professional development, it improves confidence, enhances hiring potential, develops new or additional hard (technical) skills, expands networking opportunities, and helps you achieve your professional goals.



  • Needs Assessment

  • Determine Goals & Develop Action Plan


  • Professional Development Plan (PDP)

    1. Self-Assessment (professional interests, knowledge, skills, etc.) and *CliftonStrengths Top 5 Assessment

    2. Set Goals

    3. Develop Strategies (Career goals/ Skill Gaps/specific challenge)

    4. Create Timeline

  • Time Management (Set priorities, delegation, 80/20 rule)

  • Leadership

The Professional Development Program is completed in Six 1- on -1 sessions over a one-to-two-month period. This program covers creating the Professional Development Plan and allows for a deep dive into creating a strategy for career or a specific challenge.  Specific focus is based on client needs.

*Includes license to access Gallup Top 5 CliftonStrengths assessment portal for ongoing access to your personal online account and a downloadable copy of results. 

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